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Colors With Influence, and the Trends Behind Them


Those who live a colorful life are said to live an interesting life. And we couldn't agree more. Right now, we've got our eye on demographic shifts, changing social values, advancements in science, computers and technology, economic upturns and downturns — all have a tremendous impact on the way we work, play and live. Today's doers are everyone from baby boomers to millennials: making things, and making things happen.

The way individuals, couples and families are living life is changing. They are embracing their independence and their careers. Forming families, traditional and not. Defining their needs. Redefining their wants. Their dreams are unlimited and so is their potential. Technology is a guiding force in this change. Heck, our kids are being raised in it. Social channels are abuzz with trendsetters and their ideas. And what they say about color — well, that really matters to us.

What's true for previous decades is also true for this one: color trends mirror the times.

Which is why at Valspar we are defining color with today's lifestyle in mind. Throughout the decades, Valspar has been there, helping architects and designers capture the ambitions and dreams of the times on canvases comprised of office buildings and pavilions, opera houses and museums. Only Valspar architectural metal coatings and colors match the creativity, imagination, passion and work ethic you put into your buildings.

As the dynamics of our lives change, it's only natural that the way we interact with the buildings we inhabit and the colors we surround ourselves with do, too. We've taken today's lifestyle trends and translated them into four color palettes that set the tone for tomorrow.

In the Color Trend Guide, we'll explore the inspirations for each of these four trends, dive deep into the colors, materials and textures within each one, and showcase a real world case study of each trend.

May all the monumental buildings yet to be built be bright, bold and full of color. Download your free Color Trend Guide by clicking below. 


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